The future of specialised trade

Strength comes from community

We are the number one in Europe for building materials, wood and tiles – however, as a leading company in this field, we are known only within the industry.

EUROBAUSTOFF does not rely on sheer size and uniform appearance but on powerful company concepts and individual market presence. Each specialised dealer therefore acts not only independently but also under its own name and is oriented to the regional needs of its customers. This capability combines the following advantages:

  • All EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers are always service and quality-oriented.
  • All EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers are personally involved with their customers and have innovative solutions for every task.
  • All EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers are committed and reliable.

This means that for every specialised dealer there are three common values that you can rely on:
Capable. Reliable. Future-oriented.

Europe's largest community in the specialist trade of building materials, wood and tiles

  • EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers employ around 42,000 skilled specialists in the fields of consultancy, project management and sales.
  • The specialised dealers of EUROBAUSTOFF currently employ 3,100 trainees.
  • Across 22 million m² of sales space, EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers offer everything related to building, renovating and refurbishing.
  • With 312,000 m² exhibition space, EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers make it possible to experience building and renovating.
  • EUROBAUSOFF specialised dealers have constant access to over 1.5 million different products.