Captivating ideas in experience-oriented exhibitions

Present products, inspire emotions

Modern and neat exhibitions are a clear sign of specialist expertise. With creative, current and especially experience-oriented product presentations, EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers clearly stand out from their competitors. Specific design details are vividly presented on rollable presentation trolleys, thus serving to show the big picture.

When seen in examples of living space situations, decorative product ranges – such as bathrooms and tiles or wall and floor design – become an inspiring source of ideas. In these experience exhibitions of EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers, the focus is very much on touching, feeling and experimenting.

Choice and performance are best demonstrated by facts

  • A variety of experience-oriented exhibitions on a total surface area equivalent to approximately 55 football pitches
  • Over 450 presentation trolleys in use
  • Rather than just individual products, we present optimally coordinated system solutions
  • Tradespeople also like to use the specialised dealers’ exhibitions to support their customers in choosing products