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Increase market share together and secure sales markets

Your benefits as a EUROBAUSTOFF supplier

Continuous safeguarding of your sales markets through networks, increasing your market share through exclusive contacts, production capacity utilisation through new customers and long-lasting business relationships are just some of the many benefits of being a supplier of the EUROBAUSTOFF Cooperation.

Become part of the strong community and let’s grow together.


The EUROBAUSTOFF specialist groups

The following EUROBAUSTOFF specialist groups look forward to collaborating with you:

  • Dry Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Plastering / EIFS
  • Roofs & Façades
  • Tiling
  • landscape gardening
  • Wood
  • building components


Your benefits – an overview

Together we are strong! The EUROBAUSTOFF cooperation unites around 500 of Europe's leading specialised dealers for building and renovation and over 1,600 locations. Every single one of them represents expertise, reliability and service. Together they form EUROBAUSTOFF and are responsible for its success day by day. Become part of the EUROBAUSTOFF cooperation as a supplier too, and take advantage of many benefits.

Your benefits:

  • regular, secure payment
  • fast, simple payment only for listed suppliers
  • 100% payment security and process optimisation

Your benefits:

  • a secure, reliable system that has been established over several years
  • you make use of the newest technology with fast payment receipt
  • at least two days worth of interest savings (vs. by post)
  • no post costs

Your benefits:

  • securing the existing sales markets
  • improving brand awareness (beyond the existing sales area)
  • ability to develop new markets and a presence at 1,600 locations

Your benefits:

  • access to all associates and thus to many contacts
  • opens the door to the region and fast information transfer
  • powerful, cost-effective product and company advertising

Our 6 optimally located central warehouses provide you with the following benefits:

  • secure and simple logistics solutions
  • fast logistics to all customers – become “the” supplier in the region
  • cost optimisation by supplying to few unloading points in large quantities

The above-mentioned specialist groups bring about the following benefits for you as a supplier:

  • contact and exchange of information with long-standing industry experts
  • exclusive contact with top customers
  • long-term business relationships (with consistent implementation of sales concepts)

Your benefits:

  • ensuring sales
  • increasing share in the market and displacing competition
  • continuous production capacity utilisation and planning

Regular events provide the following benefits:

  • consolidating customer relationships and networking
  • optimal representation of your company
  • establishing new customer contacts

Shifting sales to target suppliers brings about the following benefits:

  • securing your sales revenue
  • increasing your market share and sales revenue
  • winning over new customers and targeted recommendations via the centre

You can grow your sales revenue through an additional brand without much sales expenditure.

This brings about the following benefits:

  • securing sales revenue
  • unique selling point
  • production capacity utilisation and planning security

Working with just one clearing office brings about the following benefits:

  • standardised and reliable accounting system
  • fast and centralised bonus settlement
  • optimisation of processes