Consistent values shaping actions and thoughts

Guiding values

The guiding values of a community create alignment within the company and in complex structures. Rules, conditions or customs leading us through daily life are positively influenced.

EUROBAUSTOFF, a cooperation of individualists, needs certain signposts in order to succeed. They strengthen and ensure the future of its specialised dealers. Collective interests among suppliers, competitors and customers are managed, innovative concepts and services are developed and the independence and successful operation of every specialised trader in its particular region are promoted.


EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers are characterised by their lean process and decision-making structures, fast and flexible service offers, as well as an exceptionally personal relationship with their customers. This is thanks to the direct and immediate corporate responsibility of the specialised dealers.

This creates a forward-thinking, trusted business environment that benefits everyone involved.


EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers adapt their business direction to the particular situation in the market environment and to customer requirements.

This means that every location is oriented differently and even the most varied of customer requirements can be specifically addressed. As a result, market requirements can always be ensured.


EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers are ranked as the absolute market leader in the specialist trade of building materials, wood and tiles in Germany in terms of external turnover. This market leadership also applies to the entire German-speaking region of Europe.

Affiliated specialised dealers are active at over 1,600 locations, employing more than 40,000 employees plus well over 3,000 trainees. This level of cohesion gives the group security and trust.