Facts & Figures
International size for regional strength

Europe's number one for building materials, wood and tiles

As Europe's number one, EUROBAUSTOFF has a whole host of facts and figures to offer.

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  • The cooperation centre in Karlsruhe handles all human resources, insurance, organisation, invoicing and accounting matters.
  • At the Bad Nauheim centre, associates are supported in the fields of purchasing, marketing and sales, further training, data management and digitalisation, location development and logistics.

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A strong community

With a total of

  • over 40,000 employees
  • around 3,000 trainees
  • more than 300,000 m² exhibition space
  • at over 1,600 locations
  • with independent, medium-sized and successful companies active across Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland),

we are the definition of building expertise.

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Staff development

  • a comprehensive range of seminars on all important aspects of the building materials trade are available to all associates
  • the service portfolio in the education programme is rounded off every year by special in-house events
  • constantly growing participant numbers reflect the high acceptance rate of the services offered
  • the event network is spread across the whole Europe 
  • a number of recognised and practice-oriented training service providers encourage and challenge participants

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Six central warehouses

  • Our 6 optimally located central warehouses offer a range of benefits.
  • With more than 85,000 pallet bays, the principle of EUROBAUSTOFF's central warehouses is an optimal solution for high product availability at low costs.

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Five home brands

  • Prima Damit bauen Profis
  • Prima Mein Garten
  • OPUS1
  • Cerabella (exclusively for members of the Tiling specialist group)
  • Ceratec (exclusively for members of the Tiling specialist group)

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i&M Bauzentrum specialist brand

With i&M Bauzentrum, EUROBAUSTOFF offers its associates a strong specialist brand that also promotes regionally known dealers as a national, inimitable brand.

Together, over 130 locations form an advertising and sales association, benefiting from a wide range of attractive and cost-effective advertising materials. At i&M Bauzentrum, all customers involved in the building industry will find owner-run companies with committed employees, high levels of specialist expertise, excellent product quality, inspiring ideas and concepts and, above all, a comprehensive range of services.

i&M Bauzentrum centres are the point of contact for quality-conscious private customers and professionals who want to realise their dream (homes).

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Eight production lines

  • Roofs & façades / building components
  • Tiles (largest cooperation in Europe for tiling)
  • Building construction 
  • Wood & building components 
  • Civil engineering and landscape gardening
  • Dry construction and insulating materials 
  • Retail 
  • Technical procurement 

Eight specialist groups

  • Building components 
  • Roofs & Façades
  • Tiling 
  • Landscape Gardening 
  • Wood 
  • Plastering / EIFS
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Dry Construction 

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Target-group-oriented communication

IKOMSYS 3.0 – the communication platform for associates

  • More than 7,000 new pieces of information every year
  • More than 13,000 active monthly users
  • Over 1 million document retrievals per year


durchblick – the cooperation's own publication

  • 6 times yearly
  • 15,000 copies


Press and public relations

  • 8 - 10 monthly press releases with news from the cooperation, the specialist groups and the specialised dealers