About us
The cooperation centres in Bad Nauheim and Karlsruhe

Who we are and what we do

We are Europe's number one for building materials, wood and tiles and support our affiliated independent specialist trade companies at over 1,600 locations with their more than 40,000 employees across all conventional business processes.

At the core of the services we offer EUROBAUSTOFF associates is an interlinked procurement management system. This enables worldwide, nationwide, regional and local purchasing to be combined according to requirements.

In addition, we are on hand with individual software solutions and financial services as well as customised marketing initiatives to help and advise our associates in areas such as location design and staff development.

The power of two hearts

With over 400 employees (m/f/d) between them, the two cooperation centres in Karlsruhe and Bad Nauheim give their support to specialised dealers on a daily basis. They answer questions on daily operations and are constantly on the search for innovative building and modernisation solutions.

The service packages for marketing, IT, logistics, human resources, insurance, organisation, invoicing, accounting and other administration matters make daily life noticeably easier and more efficient for our specialised dealers.

This background work guarantees sophisticated solutions for the customer on site through well-conceived services and the exceptional specialist and consulting expertise of the specialised dealers.

EUROBAUSTOFF services: an overview

EUROBAUSTOFF promotes and supports the strengths of medium-sized specialised dealers with the following services and consultancy options:

Contacts from the region for the region

The regional managers act as the link between the specialised dealers and the EUROBAUSTOFF centre. From a supervisory position across all areas they advise EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers holistically – with broad background knowledge and a keen awareness of regional conditions.

They act simultaneously as caretakers, networkers and multipliers for each individual specialised dealer, but also for the specialists from the cooperation centre. The aim is twofold: to guarantee the specialised dealer optimal support from EUROBAUSTOFF in all areas of the company and to determine the tasks of the specialised dealer for the cooperation.