Specialist group

Active specialised dealers for a valuable material

Wood is a fascinating material steeped in history and with an exciting future. The leading wood dealers in Europe's largest cooperation for building materials, tiles and wood are working together with the EUROBAUSTOFF Wood specialist group towards this future – and to the future of the wood trade.

From architects and planners to professional fabricators in the building and wood-processing industry, they offer an impressive package of goods and services.

  • Advanced expertise thanks to intensive specialised group work
  • Active market development & joint actions by the specialist group
  • Comprehensive range of wood projects with professional quality and at excellent terms
  • All major industry brands in the supplier portfolio
  • Individual project management
  • Practice-oriented training sessions & specialist-led courses
  • Interlinked procurement management from central purchasing department & local reference

The cooperation: competitive edge and performance

As associates of EUROBAUSTOFF, members of the Wood specialist group benefit from a huge advantage. Namely, that they belong to Europe's largest specialist trade cooperation for building materials, tiles and wood.

This guarantees a competitive edge and advantages in terms of service, expertise, performance and a strong range of services offered by the specialist group;

  • Exhibition planning and optimisation
  • Regular conferences for exchange of information and experience
  • Regular on-site support & product range analysis by the specialist department
  • Targeted support for medium-sized commercial businesses
  • Warehouse and vehicle fleet optimisation
  • Competitive solutions for wholesale and retail
  • Efficient logistics with 6 central warehouses
  • Field-tested IT and communication systems

Precise customisation in both senses

As well as their range of products, members of the EUROBAUSTOFF Wood specialist group offer a broad range of services: everything from on-site measurements to timber frame assembly and from providing specially equipped crane lorries to cutting wood to size.

But let's not forget the importance of understanding. After all, specialist knowledge and expertise in the field is vital, particularly when dealing with wood and its many different material forms.

  • Attractive promotions, fair and competitive prices
  • Professional quality at favourable terms 
  • On-site consultation 
  • Training sessions and events for our customers 
  • Needs-based logistics 
  • Sound knowledge with the very latest market insight for professional advice
  • Service-oriented partnerships for customers and suppliers

Expertise in wood and construction

Members of the Wood specialist group follow the general principle of “Expertise in wood and construction”.

They know all about the specific features of this valuable material and the many different possible applications, from log length timber to solid structural timber, from sheet goods to parquet and from raw material for industrial production right up to the finished product.

Their range of products is designed to be correspondingly all-encompassing and the services provided are adapted to this as and to the needs of their customers.

In the EUROBAUSTOFF Wood specialist group, members have a platform to advance and expand service performance for the benefit of customers and suppliers alike.

The EUROBAUSTOFF Wood specialist group offers:

  • Promoting specialisation in the technical field of wood 
  • Practice-oriented specialist consultant courses to ensure high-quality advice & consolidation of expertise in service provision, product ranges, marketing and business administration
  • Joint procurement management for attractive product ranges and highly competitive terms
  • Consolidation and expansion of the regional market position of specialist group members
  • Competitive edge in expertise and early warning system through nationwide exchange of experience within the specialist group

Expertise – inside and out

The EUROBAUSTOFF Wood specialist group has expertise in four core areas: wood construction, interior fittings, wood in the garden and wood-based materials.

The focal points are different for each individual case: they can be closely linked to the range of services of a full-range supplier of building materials or those that specialise in wood-based materials for each use or further processing spectrum.

But in any case, if you are looking for expertise in wood, you will find it in the EUROBAUSTOFF specialist group.

  • Extensive presence
  • Fast, efficient delivery
  • Specialist product ranges and up-to-date expertise
  • Competent energy consultation by certified energy advisers
  • Many years of industry experience and trained specialists in-house and  in the field

Service how it should be

Wood without service is like a tree without branches: it’s not going to last. Members of the Wood specialist group therefore offer a service programme tailored precisely to the customer’s requirements.

Well-trained, experienced staff advise and attend to customers both in-house and in the field. The services provided are optimised continuously and adapted to the changing requirements of customers but also in line with legal regulations.

  • Leading product range specialists
  • Attractive exhibitions
  • Target-group-oriented marketing
  • Tradesperson training and further development, specific trade workshops/themed evenings
  • Construction machine rental, site delivery, sometimes including crane unloading or tower-crane service

Your direct line to the Wood specialist group

Do you need any further information on the Wood specialist group or do you have any specific questions?

If so, please get in touch with one of our contact persons.

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