Specialist group

Highest possible quality, design and function standards

Here, discerning customers find skilled contacts who combine sound expert knowledge with a wide selection, attractive design proposals and technically faultless problem solutions.

Members of the EUROBAUSTOFF Tiling specialist group can also boast offers that are economically competitive. The exclusive home brands of Cerabella and PiaCera offer an attractive alternative which is only available from the specialists of the EUROBAUTOFF Tiling specialist group.

The specialist group officially supports the Healthy Living with Ceramics , the Saving Energy with Ceramics and the Designing with Ceramicsinitiatives.

Strength, performance and competitive edge

High-quality ceramic tiles and slabs are fascinating, authentic materials for improving building projects, giving more stability to the value of renovations and achieving greater beauty in house, apartment or garden life.

As members of Europe's largest specialist trade cooperation for building materials, tiles and wood, EUROBAUSTOFF associates know how important it is for valuable materials to be accompanied by an equally valuable offer of services, comprising the whole journey from the initial consultation to the selection and then the final supply service.

The leading specialists of the cooperation have joined forces as part of the EUROBAUSTOFF Tiling specialist group to meet these high standards.

Members can also draw on a strong range of services offered by the specialist group:

  • Regular conferences for exchange of information and experience
  • Exchange of key business data
  • Regular on-site support and product range analysis by the specialist department
  • Planning & optimisation of displays, warehouses & vehicle fleet
  • Targeted support for medium-sized commercial businesses
  • Competitive solutions for wholesale and retail
  • Over 200 contracted suppliers & all major industry brands
  • Field-tested IT and communication systems

Performance as a philosophy

The Tiling specialist group is composed of specialised dealers who want to promote common interests and consolidate and expand their market position. 

As associates of EUROBAUSTOFF they offer a comprehensive stock range, decorative exhibitions as well as trained specialists for advising professional customers.

  • System solutions with high design and functionality standards
  • Core services such as logistics, expert consultation, quality products and services
  • Profiling by adhering to clear guidelines for all members
  • Partnership collaboration with all leading national and international manufacturer brands for joint market development

A performance profile for all to see

Members of the Tiling specialist group are characterised by concentrated expertise, an impressive price/performance ratio, individual service, strong commitment and immediate proximity to customers.

This creates a long list of significant advantages for customers as well as suppliers.

  • Sound knowledge with the very latest market insight for professional sales advice
  • On-site consultation
  • Speciality markets with fair and competitive prices
  • Needs-based logistics
  • Professional quality at favourable terms
  • Generously sized exhibitions with the latest designs and trends

Ability, brains, expertise

if you are looking for expertise in the field of Tiling, you will find it in the EUROBAUSTOFF specialist group. As leading product range specialists, the members of the group know what really matters.

They are familiar with the latest technology and design trends, they work with the leading brand manufacturers in the industry and - above all - they enjoy sharing their knowledge with customers.

And they are in good hands with EUROBAUSTOFF specialists for many other reasons:

  • Up-to-date expertise
  • Fast, frictionless delivery
  • Design and trend-oriented product ranges
  • Informative customer events on innovations and technical solutions
  • Expertise thanks to well-known suppliers and brand quality throughout the product range
  • Many years of industry experience and trained specialists in-house and in the field

How about a little more?

Service is an important aspect of the overall offer, particularly with materials as valuable as tiles and natural stone. This starts as early as the transport stage. Members of the Tiling specialist group are set up for this and offer, for example, a back-friendly tower-crane service on request.

The additional service programme is also perfectly adapted to the needs of the tiling professionals as well as those of private customers.

  • Leading product range specialists
  • Customised solutions & 3D design plans
  • Tradesperson training and further development, specific trade workshops/themed evenings
  • Loading service
  • Acting as an agency for tilers
  • Online platforms, e.g. for order processing
  • On-schedule logistics, often within 24 hours, & site delivery, sometimes including crane unloading or tower-crane service
  • Guarantees for certain requirements such as frost resistance

The EUROBAUSTOFF Tiling specialist group officially supports the following well-known initiatives:

  • Healthy living with ceramics 
  • Saving energy with ceramics 
  • Designing with ceramics

Your direct line to the Tiling specialist group

Do you need any further information on the Tiling specialist group or do you have any specific questions?

If so, please get in touch with one of our contact persons.

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