Specialist group
Plastering / EIFS

Professionalism as standard

As awareness of climate change grows, the subject of plastering and EIFS (= exterior insulation finishing systems) has taken on a dynamism like never before. In order to best meet the resulting demands, EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers have come together to form the Plastering / EIFS specialist group.

Professional customers are impressed not only with the specialist expertise, high-performance materials and exceptional commitment, but also with the diverse service package:

  • Committed specialists backed by a strong community
  • Extensive network of dealers across the country
  • Quality products and systems from all well-known vendors
  • Impressive price/performance ratio
  • Needs-based warehousing and supply logistics
  • Individual service packages
  • Expert advice
  • Sales promotions & initiatives

Founded on performance

Professional trade performance is the hallmark of all associates of EUROBAUSTOFF.

The premium specialists of the Plastering / EIFS specialist group work together to improve things for their customers every day, with joint purchasing, compelling initiatives and targeted marketing.

As strong partners for true professionals, they know what it takes to make specialised dealers succeed on the market today. This strengthens the market position of specialist group members and promotes their economic interests.

In the EUROBAUSTOFF Plastering / EIFS specialist group, members have a platform to advance and expand service performance for the benefit of customers and suppliers alike.

  • Concentrating the required quantities on top-quality suppliers
  • Ensuring a vast range of products in the field of plastering / EIFS
  • Boosting revenues through centrally controlled volume bundling
  • Step ahead of the competition thanks to high levels of specialist expertise in consultancy services
  • Competitive edge in expertise through nationwide exchange of experience within the specialist group

Boost performance, expertise and service together

As associates of EUROBAUSTOFF, members of the Plastering / EIFS specialist group offer both their customers and their suppliers all the benefits that come with being part of Europe's largest specialist trade cooperation for building materials, tiles and wood:

Concentrated expertise, an impressive price/performance ratio, individual service, strong commitment and immediate proximity – these are all decisive advantages in a market that constantly presents new daily challenges to all those involved.

A pertinent example is the climate debate.

More than ever before, this development calls for unprecedented expertise in energy consulting, an increased commitment to marketing and to project and market development as well as close interaction between manufacturers, specialised dealers and fabricators. The EUROBAUSTOFF Plastering / EIFS specialist group provides an adequate platform for all this.

Smooth performance

The Plastering / EIFS specialist group offers a comprehensive package of products and product systems from all well-known manufacturers, excellent terms and a customer-oriented range of services.

Architects, planners and fabricators rely on this for new projects as well as for extensions, refurbishments or renovations.

The range of services offered by the specialist group additionally comprises:

  • Attractive promotions, fair and competitive prices
  • Needs-based logistics
  • On-site consultation
  • Sound knowledge with the very latest market insight for professional sales advice
  • Professional quality at favourable terms
  • Training sessions and events for our customers
  • Service-oriented partnerships for customers and suppliers

Our expertise in the fields of plastering and EIFS

Professionals have clear requirements for the expertise of their trading partners. Experience, ability, specialist knowledge and commitment must all interact in order to be able to create the optimal conditions for successful trading on the market– just like in the EUROBAUSTOFF Plastering / EIFS specialist group.

Anyone who has ever visited a member company knows that this is the home of plastering/EIFS expertise.

  • Specialist product ranges and up-to-date expertise
  • Extensive presence
  • Fast, efficient delivery
  • Many years of industry experience and trained specialists in-house and in the field

Service has a name, and it's EUROBAUSTOFF Plastering / EIFS specialist group

Members of the EUROBAUSTOFF Plastering / EIFS specialist group offer a range of top-quality services.

Well-trained, experienced staff advise and attend to customers both in-house and in the field. The services provided are optimised continuously and adapted to the changing requirements of customers but also in line with legal regulations.

A great example of this is the modern crane logistics which allow our specialised dealers to relieve the fabricators of strenuous and time-consuming carrying activities and at the same time significantly improve efficiency on building sites.

  • Leading product range specialists
  • Customised solutions
  • Tradesperson training and further development, specific trade workshops & themed evenings
  • On-schedule logistics
  • Construction machine rental, site delivery, sometimes including crane unloading or tower-crane service

Your direct line to the Plastering / EIFS specialist group

Do you need any further information on the Plastering / EIFS specialist group or do you have any specific questions?

If so, please get in touch with one of our contact persons.

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