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Dry construction

We won't let you down

Professional fabricators, planners and architects as well as the industry itself will find the leading specialists for dry construction, extensions and insulation in the EUROBAUSTOFF Dry Construction specialist group.

Medium-sized, individual and very successful. This is how members of the specialist group appear to their customers and suppliers – as efficient partners with a comprehensive network of locations across Germany. To this end they offer an impressive service package:

  • Comprehensive, in-depth, professional-oriented specialist product ranges 
  • Fair, competitive terms
  • Expert, quality advice by specially trained advisers
  • Individual project management and support
  • Fast and precise offer processing
  • Practice-oriented training and specialist presentations for fabricators
  • Active market development and interesting regional initiatives
  • Cross-regional market development over a nationwide network of dealers
  • On-schedule, reliable dry construction logistics
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[Translate to EN:] Systemunabhängige allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Prüfzeugnisse

[Translate to EN:]

Auf Initiative des Vereins WIR für Ausbau und Trockenbau e.V., in dem die EUROBAUSTOFF Mitglied ist, wurde von der MFPA Leipzig zwei allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Prüfzeugnisse für Konstruktionen Metallständerwand F90 und Unterdecke F90 von unten ausgestellt.

Anhand dieser Prüfzeugnisse können die aufgeführten Trockenbaukkonstruktionen systemunabhängig erstellt werden. Das bedeutet: die einzelnen Produkte wie Profile, Gipsplatten etc. können frei gewählt und kombiniert werden und ermöglichen somit die Wahl zwischen Systemansatz und freier Konstruktion.

Dies betrifft die nachfolgenden Konstruktionen:

  • Allgemeines bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis P-SAC02/III-938
    Bauart zur Errichtung nichttragender, raumabschließender Wandkonstruktionen in Metallständerbauweise mit einer beidseitigen, symmetrischen Bekleidung/Beplankung mit Gipskarton-Feuerschutzplatten sowie einer erforderlichen Gefachdämmung zur Einstufung in die Feuerwiderstandsklasse F 90-A gemäß DIN 4102-2: 1977-09 bei einseitiger Brandbeanspruchung.
  • Allgemeines bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis P-SAC02/III-946
    Bauart zur Errichtung abgehängter Unterdeckenkonstruktionen mit einer Bekleidung mit Gipskarton-Feuerschutzplatten in Verbindung mit einer Rohdecke (Deckenbauart I - IV) bzw. als Unterdecke alleine zur Einstufung in die Feuerwiderstandsklasse F 90 gemäß DIN 4102-2: 1977-09 [1] bei einseitiger Brandbeanspruchung von der Unterdecken-Unterseite.

Bei Bedarf und Verwendung dieser Prüfzeugnisse, die Sie unter Beachtung der Allgemeinen Bestimmungen (A) und der Besonderen Bestimmungen (B) des Prüfzeugnisses nutzen und auch an Ihre Kunden (Fachunternehmer) weitergeben können, wenden Sie sich bitte an unsere Spezialisten der Fachgruppe Trockenbau ("Fachhändler").

Strength is more than just an end in itself.

In close collaboration with the experts at the EUROBAUSTOFF headquarters, the Dry Construction specialist group has developed into one of the strongest specialist trade groups in Europe.

Thanks to the support from the number one group for building materials, wood and tiles, the specialist group offers its members decisive performance advantages, thus ensuring the sustainable business development of medium-sized specialist trade companies.

All central services of the specialist group are available to members:

  • Regular conferences with in-depth exchange of ideas and opinions
  • Customer loyalty initiatives
  • Target-driven benchmarking (exchange of key business data)
  • Individual marketing
  • Intensive management of product ranges, from analysis to maintenance to expansion
  • Warehouse logistics and vehicle fleet solutions in varying combinations
  • Collaboration in the nationwide dry construction interest group (BIG) and the RAL quality assurance association as well as the "Wir für Ausbau + Trockenbau e.V.” initiative

Professionalism is our philosophy

Members of the EUROBAUSTOFF Dry Construction specialist group are seen as premium specialists. First class offers, first class advice, first class service.

The specialist group therefore contains dry construction experts working together to strive for success on a daily basis. The specialist group offers you: 

  • Exchange of experience and information through internal communication
  • Promoting specialisation in the technical field of dry construction
  • Securing and expanding the market position
  • Qualified advice in all business matters
  • Qualified training and further development in selected courses
  • Ensuring a vast range of products in the field of dry construction
  • Exchange of experience and information through internal communication
  • Target-oriented logistics solutions

In dry construction there are three things that count above all: performance, performance and performance.

Anyone who wants to win and retain the trust of architects, planners and fabricators in new building projects as well as extension and conversion projects must know how to perform well.

Members of the EUROBAUSTOFF Dry Construction specialist group therefore offer an enticing overall package of products and product systems from all well-known manufacturers, customer-oriented services and at competitive terms – up-to-date and always in line with technical and legal developments.

  • Attractive price/performance ratio
  • Specially trained expert advisers in dry construction
  • Comprehensive range of dry construction products
  • Consistent storage range across the country at locations relevant for dry construction
  • Project management with on-site, needs-based support
  • Dry construction training sessions and events for our customers
  • Fast and precise offer processing
  • Special dry construction logistics
  • Service-oriented partnerships for customers and suppliers

Expertise gives customers the competitive edge

Smart customers know that they can depend on their EUROBAUSTOFF dry construction specialised dealer.

This is because members of the EUROBAUSTOFF Dry Construction specialist group all speak a common language, are experts in their field and know what is important to their customers. 

  • Medium-sized trade
  • Extensive presence
  • Many years of industry experience
  • Specialist product ranges and up-to-date expertise
  • Fast, efficient delivery
  • Trained specialists in-house and in the field

Service quality is decided on site

Motivated people, specially equipped vehicles and machines as well as a sound understanding of the necessities of dry construction lay the foundations for the range of services offered by the EUROBAUSTOFF Dry Construction specialist group.

At the centre of all service efforts are the professional fabricators and the building contractor. They benefit from fast, efficient building progress at fair terms.

  • Customised dry construction solutions
  • Leading product range specialists
  • Nationwide delivery thanks to extensive market presence
  • Specific trade workshops & themed evenings
  • Tradesperson training and further development
  • On-schedule logistics with floor-specific crane unloading and floor logistics

Your direct line to the Dry Construction specialist group

Do you need any further information on the Dry Construction specialist group or do you have any specific questions? 

If so, please get in touch with one of our contact persons.

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Business unit manager Jürgen Engels
Tel.: +49 6032 - 805 178
Fax: +49 6032 - 805 8178
Email: Juergen.Engels@eurobaustoff.de