Staff & Training

Employees at the heart of success

Staff management

Friendly, competent and enthusiastic employees are a company's biggest asset. With their comprehensively trained specialist staff, EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers can really excel, especially when compared to regular building retailers.

To this end, EUROBAUSTOFF offers a widely used seminar programme together with further development and training courses, which keep employees as well as business owners up to scratch in all areas of everyday business.

Good employees, however, want not only to be discovered, but to be kept hold of. EUROBAUSTOFF therefore lends its specialised dealers a hand in all aspects of staff management. Business owners can also count on the advice of the cooperation's specialists in regard to aspects of employment law and occupational health and safety.


EUROBAUSTOFF supports its specialised dealers with the following services:

  • Personnel Portal – information, work aids and much more on all subjects relating to personnel – from employment law and occupational health and safety to staff management/support and recruitment
  • Helping to set up a compliance management system
  • Placement of external service providers 
  • Extensive and industry-specific, open seminar offer with experienced trainers
  • Placement of industry-experienced trainers for in-house seminars 


To create a framework in which experienced trainers can competently encourage employees to learn through individual support and the use of tried and tested methods – that's the goal!

To this end, EUROBAUSTOFF offers an extensive seminar programme and a variety of events, with participant numbers having grown year on year.

  • Theoretical and practical product-knowledge training courses – both specific to product areas and across all product areas
  • Sales training courses
  • Training courses on employee leadership and personal development
  • Seminars for trainees and lateral entrants from different fields
  • Business administration seminars
  • Buyer training