Procurement & Purchasing

The best products, the best terms and fast availability

From the concept to the community

EUROBAUSTOFF's interlinked purchasing activities are divided into central purchasing and regional or local procurement. The bundling of large volumes in national and international purchasing activities ensures excellent terms that are beneficial to the specialised dealers and, ultimately, to the customer.

Through regionally and locally differentiated purchasing activities, our specialised dealers can also serve customer groups that want to buy particular regional products, such as wood from a certain region – this benefits both sides.

Benefits of combined purchasing

By combining centrally managed and regional purchasing, the following are just some of the benefits that can be enjoyed:

  • excellent terms and favourable prices thanks to large purchasing volumes
  • optimally adapted product ranges which can be handled by different suppliers in various regions
  • conscious support of regional manufacturers
  • timely and cost-effective availability of international products thanks to our own import activities
  • taking into account inter-territorial particularities

The principle of EUROBAUSTOFF’s central warehouses

The goods pass directly from the industry to EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers. This is particularly useful if purchasing large quantities to regularly replenish your own stock.

In the case of smaller quantities, goods not used daily, or generally in order to reduce capital commitment without having to cut back on the depth, width or quality of the product range, EUROBAUSTOFF offers its specialised dealers six central warehouses.

The central warehouses, which are strategically distributed across Germany and have more than 85,000 pallet bays, are the optimal solution for achieving high product availability at low cost.

Benefits of central warehouses

Optimally located central warehouses offer a range of benefits:

  • deliveries from the central warehouse replace countless deliveries from suppliers, thus ensuring a significantly reduced delivery effort
  • flexible supply in case of increased demand
  • significantly reduced stock keeping with expanded product range
  • decreasing space requirements
  • significantly lower capital commitment
  • lower ordering and administration expenses

Interlinked purchasing

Even in times of globalisation, business success is determined on site. The most important factors are reaction times, flexibility, customer proximity and attractive products.

EUROBAUSTOFF's centrally organised purchasing department is always on the lookout for the best products at the best terms for its specialised dealers. It negotiates with each individual manufacturer and supplier all the important parameters for each product. This includes, for example, purchase price, delivery specifications, discounts, payment terms etc. EUROBAUSTOFF also supports its specialised dealers in the purchase of capital goods such as vehicles, warehouse equipment, fuel, electricity, etc.

EUROBAUSTOFF's category and product managers have a decisive argument in this regard: Purchasing large quantities for a large community. This volume bundling along with the associated advantages in relation to payment terms are felt by customers when they make their purchase. They get the best brands and high-quality products at attractive prices.

Our specialist brands & home brands: homemade quality

If you want something done well, you have to do it yourself. EUROBAUSTOFF is currently focusing on developing and conceiving its own high-quality brands in various areas.

These include the company's own home brands in the product area and, additionally, the merging of individual specialised retailers to form the major specialist brand i&M Bauzentrum.



EUROBAUSTOFF supports its specialised dealers in the following areas:

  • Supplier classification and optimisation
  • Concluding contracts and securing sources of supply
  • Negotiating purchasing activities and terms
  • Analysis of markets and potential as well as income taxes
  • Procurement volume bundling
  • Product range expansion and purchase marketing
  • Sales and income control
  • Securing additional income
  • On-site support of EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers
  • Import business
  • Marketing and sales activities