Interlinked procurement management system and comprehensive services and consultancy options

The “services campus” for EUROBAUSTOFF associates

At the core of the range of services on offer for EUROBAUSTOFF associates is an interlinked procurement management system that combines global, national, regional and local purchasing according to requirements.

Six central warehouses ensure a smooth supply to associates. In addition, EUROBAUSTOFF promotes and supports the strengths of medium-sized specialised dealers with comprehensive service and consultancy options that are tailored exactly to the particular needs of an associate company.

This concept has helped to make EUROBAUSTOFF the largest and most successful cooperation in Europe's building trade.

Management & IT

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Location & Logistics

EUROBAUSTOFF supports its specialised dealers with competent and committed experts in the field of location planning and setup. Read more

Procurement & Purchasing

EUROBAUSTOFF's interlinked purchasing activities are divided into central purchasing and regional or local procurement. Read more

Marketing & Sales

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Staff & Training

Friendly, competent and enthusiastic employees are a company's biggest asset. With their comprehensively trained specialist staff, EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers can really excel, especially when compared to regular building retailers. Read more

Finance & Taxes

Financial services are becoming increasingly important for medium-sized companies in the building trade. Read more

EDP & IT services

The EUROBAUSTOFF subsidiary, INFOKOM GmbH, has been a skilled and efficient IT partner for all types of business in building materials wholesale and retail for almost 40 years. Read more

Specialisation & Network

The EUROBAUSTOFF FORUM is a hotbed of ideas and innovation for all EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers. It offers a ready-made platform for answering questions on anything from goods and services to marketing. Read more

Newsroom & Press

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