Location & Logistics

Safeguarding the future of the company

Location planning: sophisticated solution from start to finish

EUROBAUSTOFF is there for the future. That is why it is already focusing on innovative, modern location design for all its specialised dealers.

It offers an all-round, carefree package that is there to support the specialised dealer at all stages of the planning process: from initial market and competition analysis to actual construction planning, as well as conversions and extensions. Extensive advertising/opening initiatives and round off the package.

Modern locations depend on experience-oriented exhibitions and effective storage areas – and this is precisely what EUROBAUSTOFF implements on a daily basis at its specialised dealers.

Potential analysis at the location

On the basis of a location analysis, the location's potential is evaluated and a realistic vision of the location's future is put forward.

The exact cost calculation, which is based on empirical values, guarantees a high level of planning security.

The orientation towards benchmarks helps to increase the profitability of planned location developments.

Intralogistics - the key to any location development

  • Optimising the range of products in stock on the basis of real item movement statistics on site
  • Orienting the product range to existing and new target groups
  • Specification of the racking system – optimally adjusted to the forklift fleet
  • Logistically appropriate traffic route concept to increase economic efficiency

Modern workplaces as an interface between man and material

  • Analysis of workplaces
  • Orienting workplaces to key areas of activity
  • Taking into account workplace regulations
  • Optimising light and sound conditions

Convincing location development

Location and competition analysis

  • Strength/weakness profile of location
  • Product range analysis
  • Analysis of customer structure

Planning, concept development, implementation

  • Individual concept and product range development
  • Planning of areas and routes
  • Planning and implementation of exhibitions
  • Shop & exhibition construction and signage


  • Targeted logistics advice on site
  • Project-based supplier discussions

Quality you can touch: exhibitions

Touch, feel, experience! EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers boast modern, innovative exhibition concepts. Products and product ranges are optimally presented in the exhibitions in a creative and experience-oriented manner.

Whether it’s bathrooms and tiles, landscape gardening or wall and floor design, EUROBAUSTOFF has original exhibition concepts for a wide variety of product ranges.

Our exhibition services:

  • Planning and costing the exhibition
  • Supplier discussions
  • Support during the conversion phase

Experience first-hand: presentations of product ranges

These days, for an appealing, customer-oriented location design, it is no longer enough simply to present goods in a purely functional way. Modern sales areas must also have state-of-the-art interior design and appearance. Only then can buying be more than a simple necessity for the customer.

Our solution: modular shopping concepts

Modular shop concepts can be individually tailored on site to the needs of the specialised dealer. EUROBAUSOTFF has already successfully developed modular systems for a wide variety of product ranges, for example for tools and machines, work clothing and paints.

Into the future: with the Digital Exhibition

The Digital Exhibition shows that EUROBAUSTOFF is already focusing on the future. That's because this innovative, novel solution launches all the advantages of the digital world straight into the real world. The Digital Exhibition turns in-store trade into a digital experience. 

Today, what used to be the tile or door catalogue is now digitally provided product information that can be retrieved by touch on a flat screen. Variants, colours, formats or patterns – with just a few clicks, the customer's imagination can be brought to life.

  • Consulting support
  • Unlimited product diversity
  • Playful product presentation

EUROBAUSTOFF Shipping portal – fast, easy and intuitive

The EUROBAUSTOFF shipping portal offers you quick and easy access to lots of parcel delivery companies. This way you benefit from centrally agreed terms as well as centralised invoicing. We offer you a maximum reduction on administrative costs for parcel shipping.

You can also integrate your own terms and contracts into the system at any time. In addition, it is possible to create a direct interface to your inventory management system and to transfer the data directly.

Enjoy the benefits of the shipping portal as a EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealer. 

Logistics IT systems / route planning

Our own vehicle fleet and its efficient management are the core strengths of our route-planning software. Processes and programming specifically designed for the building trade enable rapid on-site deployment.

We also offer a particularly efficient and cost-optimised route planning system through centrally agreed framework terms . 

In addition, EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers benefit from our professional project support and assistance during implementation and beyond.

Logistics IT systems / warehouse management

From goods receipt to goods issue, our warehouse management system plans, controls and optimises goods movements. In many cases, large storage units can no longer be controlled manually. Our warehouse management system gives specialised dealers the opportunity to implement system-supported logistics processes at their warehouse locations.

In this case, as a cooperation, we provide support both in the form of centrally negotiated terms for selected systems and in the form of project support during system implementation and consultation beyond that.

General cargo shipping through efficient logistics partners

Together with a large German logistics partner, we have created a concept for our specialised dealers that enables the shipping of general cargo.

It is very simple to handle and the administrative effort is very low. Benefit from centrally agreed terms and bundled invoicing.