Finance & Taxes

EUROBAUSTOFF finance management

Support and safeguarding the future

At EUROBAUSTOFF, trust begins where friendship ends for others: with money. EUROBAUSTOFF offers a wide range of financial services to support its specialised dealers in safeguarding the future of their company, thus securing the existence and success of each individual specialised dealer in the community.

In-house insurance policy

The offer is completed by a separate insurance policy that covers all relevant areas of risk and provides all-round protection for companies. These financial services guarantee the long-term supply capabilities of specialised dealers and as a result provide customers with the security they need.

EUROBAUSTOFF financial services

EUROBAUSTOFF supports its specialised dealers with the following services:

  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Balance sheet information
  • Balance sheet rating
  • Credit assessment
  • Financial accounting
  • Leasing offers
  • Balance confirmations as part of annual accounts
  • Insurance
  • Financing by bills of exchange
  • Centralised invoicing

EUROBAUSTOFF insurance brokers

When it comes to insurance, EUROBAUSTOFF specialised dealers have access to specialist brokers with various services at their disposal. The portfolio comprises:

  • Risk analysis and risk assessment
  • Identifying and minimising hazard and damage potential
  • Special contracts drawn up on the basis of individual risk data and specialised industry knowledge
  • Damage limitation – from reporting to compensation

Customised coverage concepts and framework agreements (e.g. Eurobau policy, trade credit, vehicle, D&O insurance) are also available

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