Our perks
Happy employees are our priority!

A family atmosphere together with the benefits of a large company

That describes us pretty well!

Thanks to our size we can give our employees security and at the same time leave enough scope for a pragmatic way of working, which enables and necessitates independent action.

But what does this actually entail for the daily interaction between colleagues and EUROBAUSTOFF as an employer?

What EUROBAUSTOFF means to me:

Take responsibility

Flat hierarchies result in fast decision-making processes, comprehensive areas of responsibility and a high level of competence. If you accept the challenge, EUROBAUSTOFF offers a broad spectrum of professional development options. The growth of the company establishes the best conditions for taking advantage of the success of the cooperation in the long term.
Volkmar Debus, business unit manager for roofs & façades

Secure employer

For me, a secure employer is one of the most important issues for having a pleasant working relationship. Since the beginning of my training – and now also that I’m in permanent employment – I have felt very comfortable and safe at EUROBAUSTOFF.
Joelina Frank, contracts clerk

Family atmosphere at work

When you are part of such a strong cooperation and also have nice colleagues around you, it makes work twice as fun.
Julia Philippi-Kopp, editorial assistant

Modern working

A fantastic, helpful team behind me, flexible working conditions, being able to work from home and a high-quality company car mean that I can deal efficiently with my professional challenges as a sales consultant in the field while also combining my family and my career.
Christian Holliger, specialist retailer sales consultant

Flexible working hours

Thanks to the option of flexible working hours at EUROBAUSTOFF, you can put the theory of being able to combine work and family into practice. The opportunity to fulfil a position involving responsibility on a part-time basis was a decisive factor for me when I chose EUROBAUSTOFF.
Alexandra Puchta, consultant at the EUROBAUSTOFF Academy

Pleasant working environment

From day one I have felt warmly welcomed and I still feel now that I can always count on the support of my colleagues.
Florian Weber, central warehouse accounting clerk

Personal development

I started at EUROBAUSTOFF as a trainee. Even then I was given plenty of responsibility and trust by the "old hands". At EUROBAUSTOFF it’s not about what position you have. Everyone is accepted here just as they are and encouraged in their own professional development.

Even in my current position as a clerk, I feel very much at home in my department and let's not forget the fun I have at work too!
Jennifer Hachenburger, category management technology clerk

Designing and developing together

Ideas & making – in my area of responsibility I have every opportunity to develop ideas, then to implement them and get the best out of each one. It's a very enticing prospect. It motivates me day after day and it is so much fun.
Claudia Vietze, i&M project manager, marketing

Nice colleagues

I enjoy working at EUROBAUSTOFF. My colleagues are nice, the tasks are always interesting and I always know I can count on the Retail Team for support.
Sven Kaniuth, building & garden retailer sales consultant

Staying fit through health management

EUROBAUSTOFF is interested in me and my health – and I don’t mean by asking me how it’s going but by giving me great offers! I have already taken part in many sporting offers – for me free of charge – such as Pilates, Nordic walking, circuit training etc and it helps to keep me fit.

For me as a glasses wearer, it is also important for me to have the option of regular eye examinations on site because of my daily work in front of the computer screen. For me it makes complete sense to wear glasses at the workplace. After all, EUROBAUSTOFF has subsidised it.

Nicole Weißenfels-Boller, EH project coordinator


The flexible working hours at EUROBAUSTOFF offer me a lot of freedom. They allow me to easily arrange appointments with doctors, childcare hours, visits to the authorities, etc. The option of flexidays is great, too!
Ingrid Sehr, contracts clerk

Enjoying going to work

I have been with EUROBAUSTOFF for 14 years now and I still go to work every morning with a smile on my face. I have 9 colleagues – each and every one is fantastic and together everything runs smoothly.

To succeed in trade you have to embrace change and so EUROBAUSTOFF is always changing one thing or another. But solidarity among colleagues never changes. Some of them have been with me all these 14 years, while others are new but have grown close to my heart. EUROBAUSTOFF does a lot to make employees feel at home.

Bettina Hainbach, internal services departmental manager

Great working atmosphere

One for all, all for one. We may not be the musketeers, but this motto describes our team perfectly. For 8 years now I feel very comfortable at Eurobaustoff and look forward to further collegial and satisfied years.
Jenny Reitz, Assistant location development

Flexible working hours

EUROBAUSTOFF a safe employer with flexible working hours is a big PLUS for me personally and my family. My work gives me a lot of pleasure, that I can spend enough time with my family, enriches me and gives me inner satisfaction or is it called happiness :-) In any case I am proud to work for EUROBAUSTOFF..
Monika Geier, Contracts clerk

Your benefits at EUROBAUSTOFF

A wide variety of tasks

Our diverse range of tasks and assignments offers a broad spectrum of activities and an extremely diverse set of job opportunities – be it for analytical number crunchers, product specialists, creative thinkers or globetrotting sales consultants.

At our centre in Bad Nauheim, we have positions that involve lots of communication, as you will be acting as a gateway between our associates and suppliers. Specialist group conferences, product training courses, visits to associates or special events – exciting work activities cap off the day-to-day business.

Or perhaps you feel more comfortable in the world of numbers, facts and figures? Do you excel at administration or accounting? Then our centre in Karlsruhe is the right workplace for you!

Working together

We spend a large portion of each day at our workplace and this time should be effective but also pleasant.

It’s therefore important to us to have cooperation outside of the office. There are regular team events in individual departments and then at Christmas the year is rounded off by a big joint celebration which is held alternately at our locations in Karlsruhe and Bad Nauheim.

Flexible working hours

Our flexible working hours allow you to enjoy a balanced relationship between work and free time. We have developed a flexitime model which gives you scope to fit in all your needs.

Personal development opportunities

It matters to us – not only specialisations in our teams, but also your personal further development.

To this end, we are always in consultation with our managers and we guarantee the continuous training of our employees, both individually and specifically in terms of the company.

We also offer additional opportunities such as driver safety training for our field staff, and we are currently focusing on promoting the English and French language skills of our employees.

Health management

How can we help you to get fit and stay fit? We not only ask this question, we also have answers.

On our health days we provide information and training on various issues such as stress reduction and progressive muscle relaxation. We work together with health insurance companies to provide tips and tricks to show you how to counterbalance your job in day-to-day office life.

But that’s not enough for us. We also challenge our employees in sports. Whether by joining one of the many new sports courses such as Pilates, circuit training and back training, or even by organising a running meeting – with us, you’ll always be on the move! We also love to take part in various city runs, such as the J.P. Morgan Run in Frankfurt am Main, the B2run in Karlsruhe and the Oberhessen Challenge Run in Nidda.

Modern and attractive work spaces

The Karlsruhe location was completely renovated in 2012/2013 and extended by two extra floors to create a modern and spacious ambience.

Our Bad Nauheim location then followed suit in 2016 with a large extension as well as a renovation of the existing building. Generous, air-conditioned offices, modern conference rooms and smart meeting points are now all part of our standard setup.

We want you to feel at home!

Parking spaces / good transport links

We are very convenient for employees arriving by car thanks to the many free parking spaces right outside the door. Of course, both locations are also easily accessible by public transport.