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New CEO of Infokom

"If we want to promote our own IT service provider quickly and vigorously - and that is what we as management along with the Supervisory Board seek to do - then we also have to do it correctly and consistently."

With this sentence Jörg Hoffmann, previously CEO of our partnership with Infokom GmbH, introduced the vision of the future CEO, who will take up his position on 1 July, to around 600 Infokom employees on 4 June in Karlsruhe. His name: Michael Baier.

Not everyone was prepared for this personnel matter. After the integration of Infokom as a subsidiary in the partnership, it certainly made sense to bring the fiscal and economic aspects to the fore. "Now, however, we need a man who is fully invested in this issue, has a lot of distribution know-how, can tackle major projects and also has many years of management experience", added Jörg Hoffmann.

Michael Baier has all of this. After completing his studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, the 52-year-old from Baden initially worked in mechanical engineering and was, among other things, involved in production planning. Here he was also exposed to ERP systems for the first time. He still engages with the issue. Above all in the 19 years with the IT service provider abas Software AG (manufacturer and service provider of the software) he developed, distributed, planned, implemented and supervised all stages of development with different responsibilities. Most recently as Member of the Board of Managing Directors of the abas Group.

For Dr. Eckard Kern, this personnel decision is a clear commitment to Infokom, including by the Supervisory Board, which supports this path. "Infokom is an integral part of the partnership", says Dr. Kern. "Today, our issues are ERP, ESB, BIG DATA. And we are currently introducing a new merchandise management system, although we still have to maintain the old one. We just need to set new priorities here. "A man such as Mr Baier with a lot of practical experience is just the man."

Jörg Hoffmann will retire from management during the year. There will be no changes for Ulrich Ehrhardt. He will remain Divisional Head of Infokom and is a point of contact for the shareholders.

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