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Growth allows us to look forward

With recorded gains of 3.7 % on the back of a centrally settled purchases of EUR 3.12 billion in the first half of 2018, EUROBAUSTOFF Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Bad Nauheim, continues on its robust, profit-oriented path.

 "Here the investments of companies in their exhibits, specialist stores, logistics and specialisation make an impact, which also reflected in monetary terms", states Dr. Eckard Kern, Chairman of the Management Board of EUROBAUSTOFF, referencing the partner performance of previous years.

"The services campus in Bad Nauheim designs and develops new projects and services for the building distribution sector and our partners are increasingly accessing it", points out Dr. Kern to the press.

These measures, adapted to the regional conditions and the established customer base, reach into the domestic market and strengthen the market position of the individual specialist dealer. The development is even more dynamic, as was foreseeable in the beginning of October 2017 in the sales planning. In this way EUROBAUSTOFF achieved earnings of 5%, exceeding expectations.

Development within the product areas is uneven and also due to the fact that, over the past twelve months, two high-turnover partner companies have terminated the partnership, while two equally strong partner companies with other product range focuses have found their way to EUROBAUSTOFF.

The wood and construction components sector was particularly successful (up 12.6%), followed by underground construction/garden and landscaping (6.35%) and retail (4.58%). Drywall and insulating materials, building construction, tiles/ natural stone and roof & facade/building metals also performed positively.

"The good interim results in our partner companies enable the specialist retailers to concentrate on the further development of their company and to tackle it in the short term." 

Dr. Eckard Kern, Chairman of the Board of Directors, already enumerated the action areas of the future in a speech held at the general meeting in mid-June. The response to this lecture was unanimously positive and, for some, the decisive impetus to face the challenge head on and digitally position one's own company for the future.


BU: First steps into the digital world at P.o.S: EUROBAUSTOFF TV and the concept exhibitDigital are part of building material distribution with a real future.

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